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How to Choose the Right German Knives

December 1, 2023115 ViewskniveSource


There are many knives from different countries, but few have come close to the reputation of German kitchen knives. Indeed, in the international cutlery scene, it seems to be only a choice between German knives and Japanese knives. Any chef will testify of their unique qualities both for function, aesthetics, and durability.

The best German knives will be a welcome addition to your kitchen whether you are looking for precision or a workhorse. 

What kind of knife do you need to cut brisket?

Cutting a brisket is not as straightforward as it looks. It calls for both a sturdy as well as a precise knife. The meat is fibrous, which is why it is slow-cooked for hours. It, however, ends up with a softer inside, and any rough cutting will damage it. Given that quality brisket is often expensive and you also have a mind of a neat presentation, it is recommended you buy a specialist knife for the task. 

German knives come from high-quality steel, which allows manufacturers to design the best kitchen knife for brisket cutting. When you want to buy such a knife, here are the things to consider. 

The type of blade

There are four types of blades to consider here; straight blades, Granton blades, serrated blades, and scalloped blades. Each has different properties and thus is suited for different purposes. 


The best German knives for cutting brisket are sharp as possible. It is the only way you can cut through brisket smoothly and uniformly. While some kitchen knives can come from the box sharpened, not all do, and you also need to sharpen them periodically to maintain the sharpness. Dull knives have three setbacks:

Weight of the knife

There are several things to consider under the weight of the brisket knife, but often it comes down to personal preference. A heavier knife may be preferable as it provides more stability. It is also easier to use for cutting since it falls with more force. On the other hand, a lighter kitchen knife has a freer flow and maybe more useful if cutting through several briskets. 

Length of the blade and handle

Any chef would recommend using a long blade, ideally 14 to 16 inches. The size of the brisket will determine how much longer the blade should be. The goal in cutting up brisket is to have uniform slices. A long blade allows you to achieve this because you can make several passes while the knife is in the same groove. This aspect reduces the chances of tearing, uneven or off-center cuts.

For the handle, the length should be long enough to fit for your entire hand to allow for good grip and comfort. 

Blade material

The advantage of using German knives is that you get to enjoy the quality of German steel. Generally, the knives use high carbon stainless steel in their makeup, which gives them durability and the ability to maintain their sharp edge. They also have excellent resistance to corrosion and stains. 

Handle material

The kitchen knife’s handle material affects its visual appeal, its comfort, and safe use while cutting brisket. There are many types of materials used on German kitchen knives with different properties. Here is a review of three of the main ones:

Comfort and safety

Safely Cutting brisket requires you to be comfortable with the knife you are using. It is why the knife’s handle should properly fit in your hand and provide a non-slip grip. The knife should also be sharp enough to prevent the risk of slipping and also be well-balanced. Weight can also be a factor determining comfort, especially if you will be cutting a large amount of brisket.  

How good are German knives?

Over the centuries, German knives have carved and maintained a lofty reputation as the best in the industry. Solingen in Germany is regarded as the knife mecca of Europe and the larger western world. Innovative designs and build integrity are all factors that have helped them stay ahead. Some of the areas they excel in and which make them unique include:

What is the best German steel for knives?

A distinctive factor about German knives is their use of stainless steel. German manufacturers prefer stainless steel for their knives. Steel has to have a minimum of 13 % chromium content to be stainless steel. 

The chromium content makes these knives resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also easier to maintain. The chromium content also makes the steel softer, ensuring the knife has a sharp edge and is also easier to sharpen. 

The high quality of stainless steel also means the knife is less susceptible to breaking or chipping. This hardy nature makes German knives more suitable for heavy chopping and cutting tasks. Stainless steel has one downside though, it cannot hold the sharpness for long and will require honing more regularly. Thankfully, sharpening it is easy. 

Another option is the use of high-carbon stainless steel. This option allows you to have the advantage of high carbon steel and stainless steel. Thus, your knife can stay sharper for a long while at the same time, being resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping, and breaking. 

Is German steel better?

Yes, in the sense that it offers more advantages to the knife compared to most other options. As a result of German steel, their knives have more qualities desired in the kitchen or at a chef’s workstation. They can handle a heavier workload, do not chip or break even with tough material, and are resistant to rust. They are also resistant against corrosion from food acids and cleaning detergents. 


Finding the best German knives in the market may not be straightforward as it seems, especially if you are in a country that the manufacturer does not ship. Some marketplaces only sell counterfeit knives lying they are from German steel. 

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